Collaborative Law

Most people do not want to incur the financial or emotional cost of litigation to resolve the issues arising out of separation and divorce. At Wofford Burt, we understand this and will help you determine whether an alternative form of dispute resolution would be beneficial for you and your family. We are trained collaborative lawyers and are experienced with resolving issues outside of the litigation process. The collaborative process involves an open exchange of information between the attorneys and the couple as well as “four-way” meetings at which the couple and their attorneys attempt to identify solutions to the various issues. Through mediation, parties may meet with a neutral third party in an effort to reach a mutually agreed-upon resolution of their disagreement.

In some cases, mediation is unsuccessful and the parties may agree to submit their dispute to arbitration – a process by which a third party selected by the parties listens to arguments from each side and determines the outcome of the dispute. Through the collaborative process, many couples are able to resolve the issues arising out of their separation in a way that is less stressful and costly than litigation.