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Does your New Year’s Resolutions include Separation or Divorce? Let’s get you prepared.

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions for 2020? If you are resolved to change your circumstances this year and that change includes separating from your spouse and/or divorce, Wofford Law offers the following tips for you:

  • Trust yourself. You can do this. Yes, divorce is a difficult process but if you are confident your decision is the right one for you, then move forward with certainty that divorce is a choice with a guaranteed outcome. Your spouse cannot prevent you from getting divorced.
  • Understand the process. Your divorce process may involve a judge, who is an elected official, decide your divorce-related issues. However, many divorcing couples choose the collaborative process and settle their custody, property, and financial issues outside of court. The collaborative process generally requires documenting the settlement terms and minimal court involvement of filing the necessary legal documents to finalize your divorce. Seek assistance from a collaborative law attorney if this seems like the right path for you. Wofford Law attorney Rebecca Wofford can assist you. Contact her at 704.626.6672 or visit charlottecollaborativedivorce.org for more information about the collaborative process and collaborative professionals serving Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.
  • Litigation is an option and is sometimes necessary. Your spouse may not want to collaborate with you, and that means you will be required to file documents in Court to start the process. If you are unsure what option you may need, then consult with a firm that offers both a collaborative and litigation practice. Wofford Law, PLLC is a full-service family law firm.
  • NC requires a 365-day separation. North Carolina requires a 365-day period of separation before a Complaint for Absolute Divorce can be filed with the Court. This does not mean that you cannot negotiate or litigate issues including financial support for you and your children, property distribution and custody during that time period. In fact, the process to resolve these issues can start immediately. It is a good idea to have your settlement terms negotiated, finalized and documented prior to filing for divorce.
  • Your First Step. Although the first step for any difficult situation may seem like the hardest, you can and should educate yourself about your rights. Your first step is to consult with a licensed attorney who concentrates his or her practice in family law. During a one-hour consultation with our office, the goal is to educate the client to ensure he or she understands the law and the process and to help guide the client to make the best choices for him or her and their family.

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